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I have been an Equity Accelerator customer since 2004. I refinanced my mortgage in 2009 and all went well with the transfer to the new loan.

When I refinanced this time, however, Marco of Equity Accelerator gave me incorrect information on May 13th. When I called again on May 20th, I was told that the new loan information could not be updated in time to make the July payments and I would have to make arrangements to make these payments directly. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was transferred to Josh (employee no. 0610406) who was not able to help me.

When I asked to speak with someone higher, he told me at 4:32 p.m. EDT that there was no one higher than he. I then asked if he was the President of the company. He assured he was not, that he could transfer me to another supervisor - lateral to himself, but that there was no one present in the office at 4:35 p.m.

EDT who was in a position higher than his. He then put me on hold until 4:54 p.m. EDT while he prepared to transfer me to another "supervisor". When that person attempted to pick up the call, I was disconnected.

I have accomplished NOTHING in 4 telephone calls to Equity Accelerator. My new loan is not even entered into their system correctly. I am going to have to pay for their errors.

They do not adequately train employees and when it is brought to their attention that their employees have given customers of long-standing incorrect information, their only response is, "Oh, we'll investigate." NOT We're sorry to inconvenience you; we're sorry for the bad information etc.

Monetary Loss: $1028.

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In my office we have one supervisor and when u call in if it isn't before the 15 of the month u won't be able to set up a new loan for 2 months who issue is it that u waited to the last minute to take care of such a serious matter?

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