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Everytime I try to call the nu ber on the letter it just hangs up. I got a different num er on line. i got as far as putting my acct number then CLICK......maybe this is a sign to end this program.BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

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This company has taken the same amount from my checking account since 2007 every two weeks. They begin mailing in late payments stacking up charges for the late fees and expect me to take care of them out of my own pocket. They were not depositing the same amount into my mortgage account any month. When I called to inquire, the gentleman was completely rude and sarcastic. I then spoke with a supervisor who wasn't much help. I really feel... Read more

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I started with Equity Accelerator 7 years ago just after I bought my home. My mortgage was sold to a different company shortly after that and I refinanced with yet a third mortgage company within a couple of years after that. A few years ago, I my mortgage was sold to another bank which makes a total of 4 financial institutions within 7 years. I have only had a slight issue for one month of missed payment between mortgages from a... Read more

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Horrible. They make payment arrangement dates and pull out money from your account on a totally different date then what was agreed on.

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I just canceled my account with equity accelerator because of the following reasons. For start this company has no business conducting business in this day and age. This company is the most analog and antiquated company on earth. They still rely solely on fax’s or snail mail. If you wish to make a change on your own account you have to type out a letter and either mail it to them or fax. And depending on who receives the fax it may or may not... Read more

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Contract # 18699202 (Emma) supplied no assistance. Refused to escalate a simple stop payment. Sounded very unsure of herself. Obviously lost in her screen panel. Never have I spoken to a customer representative so lost. I could even tell she took it personal when I asked to escalate my request. Very sad to see your organization hire people who don not know what they are doing. More training required. Glad to no longer be associated with your... Read more

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Are there any current class action lawsuits going on? If so, how do I join in? If not I think that one should be started, I think this company is bilking hard-working Americans out of millions of dollars monthly!!!! I find it hard to believe that the American government has not yet stepped in and shut down this "program". It seems that what is going on here is quite criminal and should be prosecuted properly. It is amazing that scams of this... Read more

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For quite some time now, I`ve had once a month automatic morgage payments deducted from my checking account by Chase bank. Then, for the first time, a third party named Equity Accelerator Program gets into my account and makes an unauthorized second monthly payment for me. Chase bank accepted this transaction but has no record of who this third party company is. Finally, a department at Chase was able to reach someone named Karla. Karla... Read more

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Equity Accelerator was taking money out of our account for the mortgage, but apparently sending it to the wrong address or not at all. Our Mortgage company said they have not received the last 6 payments and threatened to send us to collections. When we called Equity Accelerator they said it would take 10 days to check the status of their payments to the mortgage company which would put us into collections with the mortgage company. Equity... Read more

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I have my mortgage and 2nd with mortgage accelerators and have for over 15 yrs.There have been no problems till Sept. of this year when suddenly my 2nd was not being paid, wrong address was the excuse took a month and many calls to get it fixed. Then last week I received two letters telling me two payments, one in 2011 and the other in 2014 had not been paid to the mortgage companies and looking at the quarterly statements I was told those... Read more

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